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Dr Montessori described this stage as the second plane of development, where the elementary child has moved from a state of physiological and psychological independence into one more of mental and intellectual independence. The elementary child’s interests and abilities expand into abstraction, imagination, and peer interactions, with an increased awareness of morality, justice, fairness, and culture. While the focus of the earlier plane of development was mostly on the self, the elementary child becomes more focused on others, particularly the local community of family and friends.



Lower Elementary (6-9 years)

Designed around the broad interests of the students, the elementary program offers an enriched and exciting integrated curriculum that is sequential and cumulative. Language and math are core subjects integrated throughout the entire program, and all subject areas are presented in complement to each other. Great lessons involving the Time Line of Life, geography, zoology, and botany are presented to unveil the concept of order in the universe. In addition to mastering the rich academic lessons, the program goals are to develop within the child a sense of self-worth, respect for others, and a quest for knowledge.

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