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“The human being is a united whole, but this unity has to be built up and formed by active experiences in the real world, to which it is led by the laws of nature.” ~ Dr Maria Montessori

Infant & Primary Parent

Mrs. Kristina Maguri

I started sending my daughter here about 2 years ago and have watched her thrive ever since. Her vocabulary has expanded greatly, along with her social skills and confidence. The faculty is all very communicative with what is happening on campus and how my child is progressing. I couldn't be happier with our decision to send our daughter here. We look forward to having our next child start there, eventually!

Preprimary & Elementary I Parent

Primary and Elementary I Parent

Lindsey Wheeler

Heather H.

We love MGRI! Our daughter has attended for about four years now, from daycare to pre-k and on in to elementary school. She loves school and looks forward to going every day! She was writing her name and teaching me words in Spanish at three and was reading pretty fluently at 5. We couldn't be happier and plan on sending her baby sister very soon as well. They're very accessible and address any issues or concerns quickly. They've really become a second little family to my daughter and we are so grateful for them!

They truly honor the practice of Montessori learning. They have taken such good care of our boys for the past year, giving them love, understanding, and confidence. The curriculum is organized and well developed. I have no doubt our kids will flourish in the next level of school.

We have had a relationship with the Montessori Global since 2012 when we first moved to Florida. Two of our children have attended the school, from 2 years old and 4 months old. We love that Montessori Global is not a "day care" facility. It truly is a school, with age-appropriate education for all students, even infants. The caring, compassion and whole-child mentality of the owners/directors and staff is top notch. There is no one that we would trust more with our children.

Primary & Preprimary Parent

Lacie Tapia

I couldn't ask for a better staff for my children. This place is amazing. Very clean. They are very caring. My children love going to school here. They never want to go home. I don't blame them, check out the play ground. 😁

Elementary I Parent

Masaaki M.

My daughter joined Montessori Global and enrolled in the VPK program in the academic year 2019-2020. In the initial VPK evaluation her score was just 61%, but in the mid and final exam it improved to 88% and 95% respectively. After each exam we held a meeting with the faculties and discussed the areas needed to improve. My daughter achieved great improvement because of Mrs. Dorman's and the faculties' expertise in demonstrating / analyzing typical VPK exams and the evaluations.

Achievement on VPK is only a small part: The most important academic progress came from the genuine Montessori lessons. She took over 70 lessons in the last 6 months including all polygons, parts of the human body, and parts of plants and their functions, which I think is amazing for a 5-year-old. As Montessori education is child-directed and does not follow one-fits-all type of traditional program, the potential problem is that it could be very difficult for parents to keep track of their children's' activities and the progress, and it could be also a burden for the teachers to keep the record and prepare to transfer the data to the next teacher. But this school has implemented a state-of-the-art record keeping system called "Montessori Records Xpress" that enables teachers to quickly log each child's daily activities and plan the future lessons in accordance with the Montessori program. All parents have full access to the system so can track the progress anytime. It has a useful reference tool with many actual lesson videos as well. My daughter's teacher Mrs. Gonzalez took her time and explained the details of the lessons holding Zoom meetings anytime I requested. Good educational methods and tracking tools may not work without faculties like her with high standards of integrity.

All in all, the greatest part of the learning in this school is not the academic progress of my child, but her personal development. I'm pleased to see my daughter loves her friends at the school and treating every living creature with dignity and respect. I'm sure her personality is developed in the nurturing school environment created by Dr. David and Amber Cipolloni. I thank all the faculties for always observing the children and giving timely support.

Infant & Primary Parent

Maria Augustine

With all the concern over cleanliness, washing hands and sanitizing in schools currently, I'm extremely relieved that I do not have to worry about these topics at this school.  My oldest has attended here for over 3 years and only gotten sick 2-3 times in total compared to the almost once a month that occurred at the daycare she attended for 2 years previously.   The school focuses on teaching these values as well as excelling in education on a daily basis. It is a priority for the staff as well.

 Primary Parent

Dr. Itza Acevedo

This school is amazing, we have been taking my sweet boy for more than 2 years now. I first took him there when he was 6 month old. Now, he is almost 3 and he absolutely loves his school. We have the extended stay from 730 am to 530pm. We have great teachers that are very attentive to my child and our needs as family. Mrs Atheer is my baby's favorite teacher. He has learned so much with her and she has taught him not only academic things, but also a lot in manners and everyday things. He is bilingual, so having bilingual teachers is also a big plus for us. The school is very covid aware. The classrooms are just beautiful and very well equipped. The playground is big and spacious. The infant and pre primary rooms are distant from the bigger kids classrooms which I really appreciate.
We love the Montessori way !

 Primary & Elementary I Parent

Brad Driggers

Montessori Global deserves more than five stars in my eyes on Google reviews! Personally I don't get the opportunity very often to bring my kids to school in the morning it's such a great feeling to hear your children get excited to go to school. Arriving this morning I drop my children off of course with open arms from the teachers and staff at the school , this is exactly what I needed when I was a child but did not get the opportunity. My daughter can add subtract knows her alphabets and so much more they continue to amaze me on what they can do it's kind of funny when you have your kids teaching you things about our country different languages geography history actual life skills that will be needed:-) on multiple occasions while at a theme park or a festival Grocery Store just out in public my wife and I have had people come up to us and say wow you have a beautiful family and I've been watching from a far I cannot get over how well behaved and intelligent your kids are it's an overwhelming sense of joy and confirmation that my wife and I and Montessori Global is definitely paying off. If you are a person in doubt of what I'm saying go see for yourself set an appointment and observe the children and staff just really soak in the curriculum and how the children interact with each other in a loving way as well as teaching each other new skills.

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