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Primary Program Director

Distinctive Development Director

Dr. David Cipolloni has devoted his professional career to children. He earned a B.A in Psychology with a minor in Special Education; interned as Child Specialist in the Children’s Program at the University of South Florida; Master’s in Child Development; Montessori certification in primary (3-6) education; and PhD in Health Psychology. Dr. Cipolloni is the author of An Extraordinary Silence about his work with disturbed children; has piloted a program for autistic children in Volusia County; and consulted for over 25 years in early childhood development. He implemented Pierson Montessori Center as an early childhood program for the Mexican farmer population in west Volusia County that along with his wife earned state and federal recognition as a program of excellence. He has instructed at the College of New Rochelle, (then) Daytona Beach Community College, University of Central Florida, and professor of psychology at Bethune Cookman University.

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